A COMPANY BASED ON TRUSt and partnership.

NADEAU SEEDS INC provides THE BEST possible Seed & support
for your business.

At Nadeau Seeds Inc, we take pride in understanding our customers' diverse needs. We are proud of the strong and lasting relationships that have been forged through years of reliable service. We focus on supplying high quality seed and providing agronomic advice based on cutting edge and in-house field research. As a result, Nadeau Seeds Inc has become a respected leader in the industry. We are a company that continuously strives to stay ahead of the curve by embracing new specialty seed varieties and field-testing breakthroughs in genetic science. By utilizing the latest in technological innovation we are able to bring about improvements in quality, yield and efficiency.

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  • This is a certified seed farm.
  •  All of the products sold are tested on the farm.
  • Nadeau Seeds Inc is consistently testing new products which provides quality information for the customer.
  • Large scale trial work is conducted yearly.


  • The farm was established in 1938. 
  • The cleaning facility was established in 1967. 
  • It is a 4th generation family operated and owned business.
  • Nadeau Seeds Inc continues to expand, update and keep up with technology and the genetic varieties.